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Cloth / Boogie Juice / Capo / Strap & Luggage Tag Bundle

Give the gift of the ultimate guitar accessories as a bundle, and save money.



Brown Leather Distressed Lowden Guitar Strap

A bestseller here at Lowden HQ, this brown distressed leather guitar strap features a satin finish and has the Lowden logo embossed at the neck end. This strap can be adjusted to keep your guitar to where you need it when playing.

Width: 2.5". Adjustable from 42" to 47.5".


Embossed Leather Luggage Tag

Keep your guitar and your luggage safe with the leather embossed Lowden luggage tag.

This tag comes complete with an internal contact card insert for you to detail your contact information, including: name, address and phone number.


G7th Performance 2 Capo with zip case

G7th silver capo with etched Lowden logo. This award winning capo has a revolutionary mechanism which allows ultra-precise placement and clamping, without pulling the strings of your guitar out of tune. It is easily squeezed into place using one hand, and released using the lever on the back.

Complete with zip carry case with padded inner walls to protect from any damage when travelling with inside zip pouch for storing plectrums and accessories. Which will fit perfectly in your Lowden Guitar case.


Lowden Microfibre Polishing cloth

The ideal cloth to care for your Lowden or any guitar!

Boogie Juice

Boogie Juice can effectively remove dirt and build up from your Lowden fingerboard. 

The dispenser has a tip operated valve. To start flow, hold upright and depress tip 10-12 times onto the fingerboard. When more liquid is required, depress 2-3 times. Rub tip gently on fingerboard to loosen dirt. By using this regularly your Lowden fingerboard will stay conditioned and free of build up.

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